H E L P I N G  H O M E S  R E A C H  T H E I R  F U L L  P O T I E N T I A L 

Calico Interior Designs strives to offer a variety of services to meet your design needs.  Whether you are looking for paint color suggestions, new furniture, remodeling an entire home or a single room, Calico Interior Designs will make the design process easy.  Our team is comprised of licensed professionals who are equipped to provide services in residential and commercial design.

Have someone in your home who has a disability and in need of modifications to a new build pre-existing home? Our company understands the importance of independent living and can design appropriate accommodations and modifications to meet your loved ones needs.  Click below to see our work and read what our clients have to say about working with us.



She is full of knowledge and suggestions on how best to stage a home in order to highlight it's qualities and utilize it's space! On top of her ever constant professionalism, she is kind, thoughtful and cares about each of her clients and colleagues like no one else I know!" - BM